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Our downloader lets you skip wait times and download the file immediately. fetches filehost links for you - fully automated and fast gives you access to the premium links from file hosting sites. No longer do you need to worry about purchasing premium accounts for each individual website. With, you gain access to many popular file hosting sites when you purchase a membership with us.

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No need to get seperate accounts for filehosters. offers converts filehosting links to direct download links. downloader is an amazing anonymous download plattform with extras such as powerful integrations into popular download managers and media centers. Grabbing and Storing your downloads with great file management features has never been easier.

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Our downloader lets you skip wait times and download the file immediately.

Using Premiumize service, you can have our powerful servers download files from file hosting and sharing sites anonymously. We provide apps and API support for Kodi to be used with popular add-ons. Do not worry about peering eyes into your download activity as with our SSL encryption you can use our download manager to download direct links anonymously from our cloud. On Android and other platforms, we will even have auto-subs and quality adjustment depending on your bandwidth while watching videos in our cloud. You can even keep track of what type of downloads you do with our download counter. We are the best anonymous download manager on the web!

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