Web Based Cloud Torrent never
been that easy

Easy to use

The Web-Downloader supports links leading to .torrent files as well as magnet links. Simply copy-paste the link into the downloader.

Cloud Torrenting has never been easier

Step one: copy the Torrent or Magnet link
Step two: paste the link into your web based downloader on Premiumize.me
Step three: that’s it! Enjoy watching your movie online or just store your downloads on your Premiumize cloud list for easy file management

No more torrent Client

Premiumize.me is your cloud-based torrent client that can fetch data from the BitTorrent network without compromising your privacy or network performance.

Cloud Torrenting has never been easier

Simply copy-paste the Torrent or Magnet link into your web based downloader on Premiumize.me. Store files on your cloud or watch online stream movies. We guarantee a fast, private and easy-to-use service. Furthermore we guarantee great seeding: we seed your torrents in ratio 2:0 or 72 hours, whatever comes first!

Private and protected

Get complete privacy in the torrent network. Your personal IP will never connect to the torrent network and you are shielded from showing your identity

Do not worry about peering eyes into your download activity

With our SSL encryption you are safe from being tracked. Even your ISP can’t see your downloads. Our all in one service looks to be the best anonymous download manager on the web!

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